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79 Years dedicated to photography, printing and framing!

(Hassall’s Photographic Studios – Rangiora)
Our business was started by entrepreneur and explosive expert (yes, explosives) Ray Hassall. Ray ran a photographic studio on High Street, Rangiora, as well as covering local weddings and even aerial photography. The business offered a full range of services specializing in photo enlargements and custom picture framing.

(Rangiora Photographics)
The business was purchased by a young and enthusiastic Andris Apse. Andris continued with weddings and portraiture, building a strong retail presence within the district. He won many awards for his work and at this stage in his career honed his skills as a landscape photographer. In 1980 he was approached by Air New Zealand and commissioned to produce work for their advertising. He is today considered one of New Zealand’s top Landscape photographers.

(Rangiora Photographics)
Andris moved into Landscape work full-time and in 1988 sold the business to the Mike and Shona Skelley. They continued to grow the business which maintained good reputation as well as taking on the Kodak franchise for the area.

(Rangiora Digital Photo Lab)
In 2000 Colin and Helen Howell took over and went independent again. With a change to the industry with digital being the preference over film, they introduced the first Fuji Frontier lab into the business.

(Rangiora Digital Photo Lab)
Jon Salton bought the business in 2008. Jon had a background in tourism and travel photography. Printing and framing all of his work in-house, customers were drawn to have their own work printed and framed to the same high standard.

The birth of F-stop.co.nz. Our internet side to the business and the future of photo labs.

In September 2010 and again in February 2011 Canterbury was hit by large earthquakes. Engineers assessed all old buildings within the district. In February 2012 our building was deemed ‘earthquake prone’ and we had 24 hours to vacate. With the loss of our historic 70 year old site the decision was made to build a new custom lab off site. The local council provided temporary ‘container shops’ which we moved our showroom into.

We have a new home.  Work started in January on our new shop and showroom in the High Street Rangiora.



Global pandemic! We used this as an opportunity to re-locate the business to our purpose built studio removing the retail High street element and concentrate on our core products and services.

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